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Quantum Leap Bootcamp

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March 2nd, 2020, Orlando, FL

June 15th, 2020, Minneapolis, MN

Quantum Leap If you have big, audacious goals for your business this year (and all business owners should), then you belong at Quantum Leap LIVE Bootcamp!

This is the special event that we hold to empower you to achieve those goals with dedicated time and structured activity working for you and your team to create a BIG Quantum Leap in income and growth for your business, the critical camaraderie and idea exchange with other successful Royalty Rewards® Merchants, and the newest technological advances to the Royalty Rewards® program.

As a Quantum Leap Club Member, this is  the biggest benefit of your Membership.

There’s a world of intelligence inside Royalty Rewards® that once harnessed will allow you to experience a BIG Quantum Leap in both new customer acquisition as well as increased transaction size and repeat customer visits.

Learn About What You Have At Your Fingertips "When you’re busy you don’t really take the time to learn about everything that we have at our fingertips. Being here reinforces what we have and what we can do with the program that we’re involved in."

"This is the best part of Bootcamp"


Get laser-focused direction and clarity on how to implement and achieve results in YOUR business.

The truth is that ONLY when you step away from your business to work "On It" instead of "In It", will you be able to leverage both the collective wisdom of other successful merchants and the newest Royalty Rewards® advantages to experience much more significant growth.

Block off your calendar, select the staff you'll bring with you, and register online right now or call us at 1-888-353-5012 to reserve your seats now.

Our NEW 1-Day Format Gives You The Most Flexibility and Benefit from LIVE Training

The next Quantum Leap LIVE Bootcamp will be held in Orlando.

YOU can choose what time of year and what location works best for your travel plans. You’ll want to be sure to attend at least one of the 3 Bootcamps every year for the many reasons detailed in this letter, and certainly to maximize the potential for growth in the Royalty Rewards® program in YOUR business. But you might want to attend all three!

We’ll walk you through the most effective proven marketing that’s working for our most successful merchants right now with proven results.

You’ll Also get Important Time With our Coaches

We’ve traditionally sold out of our live events and we fully expect that to continue as successful Royalty Rewards® merchants like you, dedicate time away from their business to come together and make each other even MORE successful.

Now, imagine the impact to your business if you were able to get EACH of your customers to come back into the business just one more time this year. Or, consider what it would mean to your bottom line to have just a 10% increase in your sign up rate or the number of active customers.

That’s a small fraction of what you’ll discover how to do at Quantum Leap LIVE. The real impact will be far greater. For starters, you’ll discover:

The BEST Ways To Get NEW Customers such as…

The BEST Strategies to enroll MORE New Royalty Rewards Members.

Growing your list of Royalty Rewards® Members is one of the single most lucrative activities you can engage in for your business. At Quantum Leap LIVE we’ll show you the best strategies for increasing your sign-ups and active members, so you can grow this very valuable asset!

The Best Ways To Maximize Your Royalty Rewards® Members.

We’ll show you how to get all of those Members you sign up to come back more often and spend even more with you each time they come to your business! We’ll dive deep into how to make this happen for you so you’ll maximize all of your marketing efforts.

How you should use the Free 600 Quantum Leap Seasonal Postcards and "Email Friendly Reminders" to get your best results.

As part of your membership you receive 300 Free Postcards Including Postage twice each year. These included promotions are an essential benefit of Quantum Leap Club Membership that should be leveraged to the fullest extent. We'll show you how our most successful Merchants maximize these promotions to fill their businesses month after month.

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How to get the most out of the robust Royalty Rewards® software

If you drive a BMW and don’t know how to use turbo … well, you’re missing out on quite a driving experience. Same goes for harnessing the full power of the robust software hand-built for you as a Royalty Rewards® Merchant. At Quantum Leap LIVE you’ll discover all the “turbo” buttons and features that allow you to do so much more with your data.

Examples of what many of our best PLATINUM ELITE Royalty Rewards® Members are doing (and you can do too!!!)

This showcase from our PLATINUM ELITE Members is often the highlight for many of the Royalty Rewards® merchants who attend our live events. Learning from their experiences shortcuts your success and quite literally hands you the exact how-to’s you need to implement and then experience the growth you want.

Enjoy the most important lunch you'll have all year!

This lunch is your BIG opportunity to dig into conversations with other in-the-trenches merchants who have overcome the hurdles you face in your business. You can rub elbows with the ones who have achieved the growth and success you aspire to. There’s literally a fortune waiting for you in those connections.

Special Staff Training Breakout Sessions To Make Your Key Employees That Much More Valuable & Successful

Bring the Key Person or Persons on your team that are responsible for your Royalty Rewards® program for amazing staff training sessions topics such as...

  • The “7” Most Important Stats that every Merchant needs to be able to see at a glance in order to leverage the full power of the program.
  • The Best Practices To Get Your Entire Staff Excited About your Royalty Rewards® program including the 2 BIG THINGS that’s in it for them.
  • New automated staff training system to get new and existing team members on board and how you can start putting it to use in your business right away.
  • Shortcuts for the people in charge of your Royalty Rewards® program to make their jobs easier... that they probably don’t know about.

Who Should Attend This Essential Business Building Event?

Aside from you, of course, your key staff members or people in charge of your Royalty Rewards® program should absolutely attend this training with you.

Those who have a direct influence on the rest of your staff who will be implementing the program or those who do the backend management of the program (data entry, monitoring transactions, etc.) should consider this mandatory annual training program.

Having your key staff attend will take the workload off you and save you precious time to spend on things no one else can do or take some well needed time off to spend with your family!

Tips & Tricks From Coaches & Other Members

Attending of these Quantum Leap Boot Camps would be really important for any level that you might be at. If you’re just starting out or if you’ve been with the company a few years, I think it’s really valuable to come out. Not only are you going to get tips and tricks from the coaches but probably from other members when you sit down with them at lunchtime and just talk about your experiences.

“Staff Comes Back With Their Own Drive”

Marcus and I get a lot out of being with other attendees - the other people from other industries, other businesses and we get a ton of great information, great energy and we are so motivated when we go back to our business to implement and to bring different levels back to grow our business. It’s also highly effective to bring staff. They learn a lot, they see what you’re doing and they understand what Royalty Rewards® is at a different level than you telling them. When we bring staff members they come back with their own goals and their own initiative and their own drive.

When they come up with the idea for themselves because they’re here firsthand, that is priceless. And I’ve got to tell you, it improves productivity drastically because now, they’re involved in this together with you.

"Bringing Staff Makes a BIG Difference!"



"Tips & Tricks From Coaches and Similar Businesses"


Remember, since you are already a Quantum Leap Club Member, register for Quantum Leap LIVE! today and you'll attend for FREE as one of the benefits of your membership!

Quantum Leap Club (QLC) is a monthly Membership program we created to help our merchants grow their sales and attract more NEW Customers.

This program includes a combination of the BEST programs and services we recommend our merchants participate in.

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Plus, as a SPECIAL BONUS ...

We’re inviting you to test drive the closed-door Platinum Elite Mastermind Session that is typically reserved for Members ONLY. We’re doing this because our Platinum Elite Members are our most successful members, and we want to give you a chance to experience the group that has played such a key role in that success!

The next Quantum Leap LIVE! Events are being held in Orlando, FL on March 2nd, 2020 and in Minneapolis, MN on June 15th, 2020.

March 2nd, 2020 in Orlando, FL

Orlando is one of the world’s most visited family destinations, and while there is no end to the theme parks you can enjoy, there is a surprising number of other things to experience there.

Our hotel is on the doorstep of SeaWorld but it also offers transportation to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the Premium Outlets (Vineland Ave. location).  The Kennedy Space Center is only an hour away, as are many other exciting adventures.

The ‘The City Beautiful’ is full of family-friendly attractions like waterparks, giant aquariums and zoos, exciting shows, airboat tours around the swamps and plenty of golfing, shopping and dining opportunities.

You’ll easily be able to fill up a couple of days before or after the event, and a trip to the warm sunshine is never amiss in March! 

June 15th, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN

There’s Plenty Waiting for You In Minneapolis!

Minneapolis is an arts and culture hub that surprises most with its style and spirit - with its gleaming skyscrapers set amid glittering lakes, Minneapolis makes for an attractive and fun getaway.

Chefs in Minneapolis are bringing the heat. Stumble upon eclectic restaurants and diverse cuisines with every meal, from classic-American indulgences to the Midtown Global Market’s world-class international vendors. The latter is home to Somali, Mexican, Indian, Palestinian, and Vietnamese food stalls. You can also (of course) enjoy an in-house taproom and microbrewery and specialty Minnesota items like honey and farm-fresh cheeses.  In fact, the city produces an eclectic array of craft beer, from sours to stouts—which means it has something for beer nerds and newbies alike. Choose from dozens of locally loved breweries, from downtown brewpubs to massive beer halls.

Minneapolis is a haven for modern art and architecture. Claes Oldenburg’s Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture is an iconic symbol of the city and sits at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden outside the Walker Art Center. Art lovers have plenty to see at the Minneapolis Art Institute, Walker Art Centre and the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, which all house world-renowned collections.

The theatre scene is thriving. The city has more seats per capita than any U.S. city except New York. See a Broadway show and enjoy dinner and live jazz at a fabulous restaurant.

Known as "The City of Lakes," Minneapolis has 22 lakes located within city limits and many more in the surrounding area. In town, hordes of locals and tourists in-line skate or stroll around Lake Calhoun, stopping for ice cream along the way. No matter when you visit, Minneapolis offers lots for everyone to enjoy and in June the weather will be balmy.

Here’s What To Do Next

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