Fill Your Restaurant In January By Getting The Red Envelope "No-Peeking" Promotion DONE FOR YOU!

Dear Royalty Rewards Merchant,

This is a marketing strategy, the No Peeking Promotion, that every Royalty Rewards Merchants should do. It's been proven over and over again, year after year, to be a sure winner - generating sales and profits in the slow month of January.

All it is is a simple Red Envelope given out in the month of December to all your customers with your various prizes printed on the envelope and sealed, and it is only valid if your customers bring the envelope back in the month of January.

The ideal time to give these Red Envelopes out to your guests is during the month of December when you are busy and have people bring them back during the month of January, when it's not so busy. The red envelope works well because it stands out and fits in with the Holiday Season. When you know you are going to have a period that's slow, you need to take action well beforehand to combat it. This is a great promotion for that.

Dig the Well Before You Thirst

It really is just that simple and easy. It uses the philosophy of "dig the well before you thirst". I've had people

Generate as Much As An Additional $69,585.52 In Sales
In The Month Of January

We will prepare the certificates for you, in the gifts and amounts that you select, print, stuff and seal them in red envelopes and ship them to you in time to hand out to your guests in December. All you need to do is fill out the order form by clicking the green button below. Call your Coach if you have any questions at 1-888-353-5012 and - leave the rest to us!

Some suggestions from other members who have used this promotion:
  • highlight a lowest prize on the envelope, but don't include any certificates for that amount. People feel better when they don't win the lowest prize!
  • select prizes that are simple to redeem: free appetizers, desserts, soda refills, percentage off of the bill or a dollar amount, free services or products
  • the success of this promotion doesn't seem to be in relation to the percentage of each prize available. But, it does seem to be highly related to the largest prize. Many members use $100 in Gift Certificates. We've seen Gas Barbeques, trips to Mexico, Vegas, Plasma TV's - although this isn't necessary and we don't recommend using really large prizes for your first time. Remember to test in a manner your feel comfortable with first.
  • Legal Disclaimer: Prior to Undertaking this promotion, as with all Promotions/Marketing you should check your local regulations to see if there are any regulations governing this kind of promotion in your area. This does not substitute for legal advice.

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